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Prostar was founded
since 1992.

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For the past 20 years, ProStar has been committed to provide the latest mobile technology and superior service at an affordable price. Since our establishment in 1992, ProStar has been meeting and exceeding consumer and reseller expectations. We specialize in world best gaming laptops and focus on the development of innovative technologies, configurations and features. Our graphics laptops rival and often surpass its desktop PC counterpart in speed, flexibility and versatility.

ProStar is proud to have brought you many Firsts in laptop technology:

  • ProStar is the first to offer 19” TFT active matrix display laptops in widescreen resolutions. We are also the first to provide NVIDIA SLI Technology on our laptops.
  • ProStar is the first to provide Intel Extreme Edition and Intel Core 2 Quad in our laptops. For our AMD loyalist, we provide FX and X2 Dual Core processors.
  • ProStar is the first to offer dual SATA hard drives in RAID configurations, our extreme gaming laptops and graphics laptops provide an exceptional amount of storage flexibility.
  • ProStar is one of the first to introduce swappable GPU module, we equipped our high end system with ATI Radeon X800 and NVIDIA GeForce 8700.
  • ProStar is one of the first company to add new amenities such as built in TV Tuner, Bluetooth and wireless; making your notebook experience more enjoyable.

ProStar has the privilege to join Microsoft OEM System Builder Gold Member since 2001 and Intel Premier Provider since 2004. Our partnership with Microsoft and Intel allowed ProStar to demonstrate its quality and integrity and we are proud to announce its enhanced partnership of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Intel Channel Partner Premier Member, both in 2006. ProStar’s aspiration does not stop here; we have joined force with AMD, ATI, NVIDIA, Seagate, Hitachi, and Teac.

ProStar custom build a full variety of laptops for individual, corporate, government and educational use. We provide exceptional value in the quality of our laptops and the knowledge of our customer service, technical and sales staff. Whether you need a fleet of laptops that can handle a heavy workload or an individual consumer who wants the latest capabilities, we can customize a system especially for you.

Contact us today and let one of ProStar’s customer service representatives assist you. If you are a corporate buyer or a government agency, please call us and ask about our special Reseller and Corporate Buyer Programs. You’ll be glad you did.

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